Beachbreaks Tasmania

Although Stephanie’s favourite place is always in the garden we have been walking the beaches since way back. In those days Marion Bay was truly unknown by anyone other than the locals and a few surfers. Since then our kids have grown up , the surf has got crowded and the cow paddock we signed up for has been transformed into a peaceful garden retreat. Marion Bay now hosts tassies biggest New Year party just along the Bream Creek.

Fortunately Marion Bays’ beaches are still pristine and Marion Bay still throws up some of the best waves in Australia.
We enjoy international entertainment for new year and we don’t have to drive to Hobart to enjoy a good coffee. All the other things Tassie has to offer are all pretty close by as is the airport.

The dairy herd and the sheep remain a constant and for the most part the area remains a secret to the outside world.
We built our home here in 1988 and set up Bream Creek Furniture. Other artists and craftspeople also moved to the area. The area has become a little more populated as more like minded people move into the area.

We wanted to share Marion Bay and our artistic endeavours so we established Beachbreaks. The Bungalow was designed by a friend who gave us something really special.